10 June 2011

Working with...

...Photo Continental at the Scrapbook Expo on the weekend.

You coming?



  1. See you there Debra! Have FUN!

  2. Hey Liz, I missed you there. Did you have a good time? What fun things did you buy?

  3. Hey Debra, I walked by the PC stand sooooo many times but it was soooo busy, sorry I didn't make a better effort to say HI. I had a great time, didn't buy as much as I wanted but it was great seeing so much stuff in the one place and seeing some lovely friends. Hope to catch up with you soon somewhere! Hope you had some time for shopping, chatting and checking out?

  4. Hey Liz, No, it's fine! Gosh, you said you were there on Saturday (yes?) - it was sardine day that day. We didn't have time to do anything except damage control that day. Far out, SO busy. The other two days were normal for a craft show - a little time for chatting, no shopping or checking other stuff out though! I went into our shop and to the bathroom and that's it :o) Glad you had a good day there and have a good one today too!


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