09 June 2011

Reckon you could make this card?

Whoa, hello! 

An explosion card!

What do you think? Could you make it? A version of it?


Yep, I'd give it a go, but only if I had unlimited time with no interruptions (like overnight) and there was a million dollar prize for finishing on offer...

So my answer is, yes, but no...ha ha. 

Seriously, where would you start?

With the teddy, then the heart, then the background bit...gosh, my head is exploding at the thought of trying to put that one together. 

It was given to Andrew and I and it came in an envelope. Admittedly it was a bit bulky, but that sucker folded up, for sure. 

You? Reckon you could make it? How much would have to be on offer??

Okay, it's pretty unrealistic, but this isn't...

...is it?

We could make this little one in our sleep. 


Circle/oval/star/heart punches, a corner chomper for the corners, Stickles, cardstock and a pen. Nice one. 

And there wouldn't have to be a sweetner for finishing either...



  1. Yes, very cute. I can see you making that little one. Go on have a go at the big one.

  2. I want to make the little one just because it's cute, but the big one? No way! I looked at it properly last night and it's so complicated I think there'd have to be two million on offer for me to get it done...plus I'd need an extra to put apart because I'm not pulling that one apart. Have you seen inside yours? Complicated suckers!


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