17 June 2011

The stuff I made

Hi there,

Did you recover from reading the craft show post??

It was a looong one, hey?

Also just wanted to say thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello too. Was nice to see you! And thanks for the treats, Kathy, we loved 'em.

As promised, today I'm showing you the bits and pieces I made for the show.

Below are the Martha samplers that everyone loves. There's something about seeing the punches punched out, isn't there?

Yep, it totally makes a difference.

Made at home. Neat. 

Made at home. Neat. 

Made at the show - can you tell? 

Also made stacks of paper doilies (just the doilies, not the cards) like this using the Martha Punch Around the Page ones.

That's the Eyelet Lace set and yep, we sold out.

Bits and pieces I made using that mega set of 35 dies on the side there (it's got the star on it) that we were selling for 50 bucks. Retail was $195.

I know, 35 Sizzlits dies for $50. Amazing. They were all basic shapes - circles, stars, rectangles, ovals, hearts - totally up my alley, which is why I loved making stuff with them.

Will take proper pics of the cards and post at a later time.

PS. Used Spellbinders Labels 8 and Tim's Bracket edge die to make the fancy cards. Sooo lovely. Did that at Christmas too, remember?

There's a hanging Hello sign here. Cute. Basic shapes again.

And in the background there's some white things hanging off the big, white rectangle. Can you see that? The big rectangle is the Photo Continental sign and the bits hanging off are from another banner I did. Couldn't really see it up there, but it was the best place for it. The banner was colourful, but the light is over-exposing it in the photo.

Last couple of things.

Paper rosette from 2010's craft tree and the one (only one!) tissue paper, pom pom flower that I got to make. Eight to ten layers of tissue paper secured with a brad in the middle and squashed from the inside out.

So, they're the bits - there were others, but they're lost to the depths at the moment. I'll see if I can find them, photograph them and post them sometime. I'm hoping to get back into regular blogging mode soon...

Bye now, enjoy your weekend. It's gonna be chilly, they reckon...


  1. Love those borders and there are so many dies out now.

  2. Thanks, Mum. You really can't go wrong with Martha punches, can you? And yes, so many...fun stuff.


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