22 June 2011

A Scrap Quiz - Where do you scrap?

Good morning to you! 

Thought I'd do another scrap question today - gosh, this series is taking a while. That's life...and blogging :o)

So, where do I scrap? 

Um...I scrap here. 

And here is at this cabinet in my living room. 

I know, weird, hey?

Particularly when I have a whole other desk like this...

It's a biggie (about the size of a single bed pretty much) but I can't scrap at it for two reasons...

~ There's not enough room. There's just too much stuff on this desk all the time.

~ I don't like mixing all the photos and what nots in with all the other crafting stuff I do. It just doesn't work and it never has.

I've always done the double duty thing. 

Punch art/cards (ie. work stuff) at this desk and scrapping...well, elsewhere. Dining table, at someone else's house...just elsewhere.

It's worked fine over the years because I'm a 'bunches' scrapbooker. You know, I don't do a bit every day or anything like that, but in bunches. The dining table worked for my bunches approach - all the stuff stayed there for a while and then got packed away when I was done.

I found probably in 2008/2009 that I just wasn't scrapping. I don't think I did much for a year or so. Or if I did, it wasn't actually getting the photos in the albums like I wanted. I found myself just not wanting to do it. Been there?

One day I saw Ali's Project 365 out on her counter in a photo on her blog and all of a sudden it clicked.

(It was the photo with the post-it notes on it in particular...the in-progress thing is what got me...and her paragraphs underneath)

I have to say...this scrapping hiatus was one of those times where I knew I just had to wait for the answer or solution to come. 

The problem was...what I'd been doing in the past (scrapping in bunches and at the dining table) just wasn't working for me anymore. I knew I needed to do something different, but I didn't know what it was. I just left it all hanging and waited to see if I'd get some motivation or if something would happen.

Well, it did. I saw that photo and everything made sense.

I wanted to scrap standing up - completely unheard of for me! - aaaand I wanted to scrap at a cabinet in the living room to make the photos etc accessible.

I still remember the penny dropping and the inspiration and the solution coming all at once. Pretty good...love times like that.

So, I re-purposed the cabinet. It only had junk it in anyway. I moved it from the wall to behind the couch, so it'd be under the lights.

Here's what it looked like in the beginning.

The open drawer in the white dresser is where I stuck extra things for a while, but I soon forgot they were there, so I moved them when I eventually found them again, ha ha.

Something I've discovered with moving things around, changing your process or organising your space? 

Just make decisions.

Doesn't matter if they're right or wrong, just make 'em.

Put things in places.
Sort things as they make sense at the time.
Do what you think might work.

And then...don't worry about it, you can always change it again.

I remember when I was rearranging my room one time and I was actually getting upset. I couldn't believe it because I love organisation and stuff like that, and yet, I was anxious and frustrated.

I realised it was because I was trying to make the right decisions all the time...you know, is this the place for this?

I soon realised I could move the box if it didn't work in that spot and I gave myself the freedom to just stick things in the in the best place at the time...took a load off.  

Well, with that gem, I'll sign off for today. This post has turned out longer than I thought (not unusual), so I'll be back tomorrow to show you inside the cabinet.

Yip, yip, you get to see all my junk...I kinda feel like I need to tidy up because I've got guests coming over :o)

Pssst...it's never like this in real life....there's always stuff on it and....pssst again....I like it like that.


  1. I am always amazed at the amount of "stuff" we all collect and we always always need more lol.
    I just cannot go past a scrapbook section without buying something i desparately"need" No, really, I do. Dee

  2. I know, I totally understand, Dee. I bought some cork today just so I don't run out. I love using it with the Bigz Sizzix dies. So fun. Hope you're doing well!


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