24 May 2011

A Scrap Quiz - Where do you get your photos developed?

I know! I'm only onto Question 4...

I get them developed at Harvey Norman. And that's in-store.

I've had them done at Snapfish online before, but I find their shipping too high, and once I had to get them to totally redo a whole order of 200 photos because they just weren't great. They have a 110% guarantee and they fixed the problem, but still, I'd rather just have it done right the first time.

I have had them developed online with HN too, but I think the ones printed in-store are better.

You know how you know when the milk is off? You open the lid, pour it in your cereal, take the first mouthful and then you think - something's off, something's weird. If the milk's fine, you don't ask if it's off, know what I'm sayin'?

With the photos from HN, I order them, get 'em and look at 'em and don't ask if they're off. A good thing if you ask me.

So I like them from in-store better. Plus I like using the new machines. Plus I like getting the photos straight away.

If I'm pushed for time (and can't get to the shops), I'll order from HN online and get them shipped to my house for $2.95. You can order them online and then pick them up in-store for free if you like too. Lots of options.

I pretty much get all my photos developed in 4 x 6 with the occasional enlargement. I do enlarge my living room photos to 8 x 12 because I like 'em like that. I also get them done in matte to save the fingerprints. The colour is better with a gloss finish though.

As for price - I usually pay 12c a photo, but sometimes they have a 9c a photo special like they did recently.

Oh, last thing. I get my photos done in small batches. I try to get down there regularly, so the photos don't build up too much.

I print my photos, so I can put them in my album and enjoy them. Just the other day I was flipping through and found this photo of Cody.

I laughed at how neat his hair was back then! It was still growing in, but look how neat...so funny. And I know his white tail hair is twice as long now...

(That's lipstick. He kissed our friend Chris when she came over. Naughty.)

Here he is a week or so ago. Look at the scruffy ear hair. They're the bits that need the most brushing and sorting out. And his tail hair is hilarious - feather duster, feather duster....

That's why I print my photos, put 'em in an album and flip through them. To have fun moments like that. I've just realised...I was going to show Andrew the pic of 'neat' Cody. Maybe I'll just direct him to this blog post instead? Nah, I'll pull out the album - that's what I made it for!

Bye now!


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