25 May 2011

Revamp, redo, repeat or recycle - Flower part 3

I know, you've seen this card a billion times before, but added it to remind you that it was the original card that inspired...


That paper with all the kitcheny things on it totally rocks. I luurve it. 

And I love that yellow spotty paper (OA) and the little letters from My Little Shoebox, which is why they're on the card frankly.  

I also love (are you feeling the love?) the big, red button. 

Big, red buttons totally float my boat. 

Red is punchy, I love that about red. 

Again, I made a matching envelope. Haven't done any for a while, so good for me. 

Have you been crafting and making some cool stuff?

Sometimes it's so many projects, so little time. That's a bad one. 

Sometimes it's so many projects, so little money. Also a bad one.

Sometimes it's 'I can't be bothered.'

Sometimes it's 'I really can't be bothered.'

Sometimes life gets in the way. 

Sometimes you just can't. 

Sometimes you don't want to. 

Sometimes you'd rather watch Masterchef and wish you could actually taste the food. 

Sometimes it's 'Gosh, if I have to go make something right now, I'm going to vomit.' 

Yep, been there. Not the actual vomiting, but the definite yukky feeling. 

Sometimes it's ebb and flow with a lot of ebb and no flow. That's depressing. 

Sometimes it's good though.

Sometimes you get an idea and you just have to make it now. 

Sometimes you get so inspired that you get a spring in your step. 

Sometimes it's all just clicking. Ideas and hands are flying around...the clock says 3:30 am and a voice says, "If you think I'm going to bed you've gotta be joking..." 

Yep, been there too. 

Where are you??


  1. Hiya Debra, Computer nerd showed me the way. So simple when you know. Anyway will now be able to post comments. Dee

  2. Hi Dee, Glad you sorted it out - good for you. Looking forward to hearing from you :o)


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