18 March 2011

This man...

...is my husband. 

He was born in New Zealand, but he's Australian, let's face it. 

He looks Australian!

That's a Driza-bone (dry as a bone) and a statesman hat (similar to an Akubra).

And that's Cody at the flooded dog park in the rain. 

That is, that's Cody having a great time!

Especially when he has a ball to chase. 

This man is a good dog owner. 

This man and I were talking about my blog and he asked how many people read it. 

He said 'maybe you should ask everyone to comment, so you can see'. Not a bad idea. Stephanie Howell did it recently. Sometimes you just want to know. 

So, this man would like to know how many readers I have. So would I. 

Can you leave a comment? I'd love that. 

And if you try to leave a comment and you can't, find it confusing or whatever, just email me (my address is on the sidebar) and I'll count you in the numbers. 

All you have to do is say hi! (Andrew said to tell you that). 


And thanks from him too...

PS. If you come across this post at a later time, still post a comment, thanks!


  1. Hi Deb - you know I read your blog everyday. Hope you're doing well and you're enjoying 2011.


  2. Hi Deb and hi Andrew, Love reading your blog too, it's always a peek into your world.

  3. Hi Deb and Andrew, I always make time to catch up on your blog, see what's cooking in the craft arena and feel part of your family as well.

  4. Hi Debra,

    I check in on your blog once or twice a week. I love all your crafty idea's & your stories. It's like reading a book of short stories. Most often its funny & everytime it makes me smile. Keep up the great work. Love it!!!

  5. Hi Debra, I check in at least once a week - always a surprise where your thoughts go!

  6. Always insightful... How I do miss those PC classes.

  7. You know I'm a reader! Punch on!xx

  8. Hi Debra, We first met at Stampers Heaven years ago when I fell in love with all your creativeness. I was so excited when I discovered your blog late last year and I do regularly read it now. It's like discovering an old friend again. You are truly inspiring.

  9. hi andrew oh fellow kiwi!! i am a follower of your beloved's blog and love all her fabulous ideas. kia kaha bro and stay sweeeet as!

    ps debra you rock too lol

  10. Matchy Sister SuziMarch 21, 2011 at 5:10 PM

    Often I find I am a part of this ol' bloggo at some stage or another - remembering lost memories - this ol' bloggo is a funny bright and colourful click in my otherwise numbers and words filled officey day. So hi to Roo and hi to you Boo :o]

  11. Hi. This is quite a bit later than the rest!
    I used to read almost every day, but I have been a bit slack this year. I love seeing the cards you make.


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