17 March 2011

My Creative Family - Mum

Oh my word. 

I love this photo of my mother and I. 

Isn't she gorgeous?

I'm going to talk about her creative prowess soon, but I thought I'd post this first. 

Plus, her list is soooo long, it's going to take a few posts, so I might as well add another to the list! 

I need to take a breath.

I need to make sure I've got her list of  "crafts attempted" over the years. 

I need to make sure I've got photo proof of her projects. 

I need to go get a cup of tea!

Mum, you're one of the most amazing creative people I know. 

Actually, you're the most creative person I know.

You're amazing. 

And you probably made our dresses in the photo too. 


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