08 March 2011

Pretty bunting, garland...

banner or pennants!

These guys have lots of names - I tend to go with bunting most of the time.

And I agree with Melissa Goodsell - they're hard to photograph. She mentioned it recently and I nodded my head in agreement. Yep, I'm hearing ya.

Here's my photographing attempt.

If you visit Photo Continental, you would've seen it before.

It was made using the Sizzix XL Banner die.

The die comes with the three big triangles (wavy one - least favourite, straight triangle - can't see well and the scallop triangle in pink there). It also cuts an oval in each scallop triangle, but I covered them up with the circle. There's a heart on the die too. And even maybe something else.

You can see the straight triangle here.

Dies are so great. Cut and they fit together perfectly. Imagine trying to cut these suckers by hand. No way.

Ah, pretty flowers.

Eight six petal flowers crunched up and stuck together with a brad and spayed with some Glimmer Mist that you can't see, unfortunately.

And a last attempt to try to get a full shot of it.

As is usual, it looks better in real life.

My sister saw this...

...in real life on the weekend and she thought it looked better. Things usually do!

Honestly, it's there and I take a photo and post it and then I see the photo and go, "Far out, why doesn't it just look the same as in real life?" It's one of life's mysteries, for sure.

Bye now!

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