14 March 2011

Just because it's pretty...

I'm posting this because it's pretty (and it's punch art, but that's a given). 

I like pretty. 

And I like colourful. 

Too much brown and I run for the hills!

Okay, gotta say this though - note the textured card on the flowers, leaves etc? If I was making this card again, I'd flick the texture and punch everything on the smooth side. 

The yellow faces are on the smooth side of the yellow because drawing those tiny faces is just too unpredictable on the texture. The pen goes wonky and it's just not worth the effort. 

So, I used to flick the texture for just the faces. 

Now, I flick the texture for everything. 

Another chapter in the life and times of this crafter. 

Dramatic stuff, I know.  



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  2. Hi Debra,

    I like the textured side of the bazzill. I think it gives the shapes a little something. Except for faces. No pattern side for faces otherwise a smile is a wiggle smile. However, sometimes the reverse side is a nicer colour like bling colours.

  3. Sure, you're a textured girl. I've just noticed lately that it's distracting me, so I've been flicking it. Maybe I'll bring it back one day. I love the reverse side of the bling colours too and use them a lot.
    Bye now!


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