02 March 2011

A little story

Don't you love old photos?

I've just scrapbooked this one. Photo in one pocket. Patterned paper (with a label layer) and some typewriter-typed thoughts on a journalling card in the pocket next to it. Done. Amongst other things, I talked about Barbie watching herself on the hammock - that's a broken leg waiting to happen.   

I'm loving my Project Life/scrapbooking right now, but that's a story for another day.

Today's story is this.

This is my brother. Look how cute. He's not cute anymore, he's handsome and hilarious.

When Pete was young he was full of energy. He never walked, he ran. He played sport, he climbed the walls (literally - I'd find him up at the ceiling in the hallway with one leg on each wall. It was a challenge to him. It never entered my head to try and climb to the ceiling!) - he had a lot of energy, did I say that?

One thing he used to do to me (us) was pin me to the floor on my stomach by sitting on my back. He'd then jam his chin into my spine and roll it around a bit! It killed! You know what kids are like...

Anyway, one day (I don't know why) I told my Year 3 class this story. We must've been talking about siblings or something. They all laughed and we had a chuckle together. Later in the day I took the whole class out to the oval for some run around time. I was distracted for a second and when I turned around, here were some boys sitting on each other's backs jamming their chins into their spines and cracking up the whole time!!!

Oh man!

Big eye roll from me.



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