21 February 2011

More cards using the Happy Birthday punch...

...and the Gifts border punch too.

Nice combo here - very reminiscent of Valentine's Day. Two shades of pink (even three) with cream and sparkle and you're on a winner.

I actually made this card at the October craft show last year. Quite amazing really. There's so much activity, talking, demonstrating etc going on that it's rare for me to do anything fab. 

Sounds great, doesn't it? Debra, can you come and demo at the show? Sure, but I don't do anything fab.

I mentioned sparkle above. There's Marshmellow Glimmer Mist on the cream background. It's a real shame I didn't get it in the photo.

Marshmellow is my favourite GM colour. It's white. It's fab. I'm on my second bottle, I think.

The HB border here was a bit of serendipity. I bought the punch and tried it out when I first got it home. The piece of paper I picked up to try it on was about 12cm square and I turned it 90 degrees each time I punched it to get it in the spare space.

Anyway, what I ended up with was a messier version of the above and tucked it away as a cool idea for later.

It looks hard, but it's not. The hardest thing is working out the size of the card (blue bit above) to start with. And you don't even have to do that. It's 10cm square.

And I put the paper in 7mm from the edge. My punch is marked at that 7mm mark (I used a pencil and did a little line - did it on both sides actually - 7mm from each side. Do you do that? Mark your punches, I mean? Makes life so much easier).

Go around four times and hey presto, easy birthday frame. Hope that makes sense!

Note: Above I put three dots in each corner. Regretted it as soon as I did it. I know, sounds weird because it's such a simple card, but I've been really pulling back on the pen detail lately.

Note no dots here. Much better...to me, that is. You may disagree. That's okay.

I do agree that the cream square may need something, but dots are not it. A slight embossed edge like the Nestabilities give might work.

Anyway, the Happy Birthday Martha punch is a good one. Wonder what they're going to come out with for us next?


  1. They are fun cards Deb, will have to try them now I have a Happy Birthday punch.

  2. Worked out well, didn't it? Me posting and you buying at the same time. Nice one.


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