22 December 2010

Updated ribbon shots

Hi there,

I took these the other night and thought you might like to see how the ribbon turned out this year.

Now, I've gotta say, it looks more than ample in real life, but in these photos it kinda looks pretty sparse to say the least. No matter, it still looks pretty.

Oh yes, please excuse the mess on the table, it's Christmas time. Remember how I said I'd like 17 tables around the place? Well, case and point right here. Need tables to put stuff on!

The additions since I last took photos are:

~ the jingle bells (on four different strands)
~ some painted stars (four - painted them with gold spray paint)
~ a tree (was on my desk)
~ a rosette (made it ages ago and just never got to hang it).

Wow, not much, but it felt like a lot at the time.

Like I said above, it's ample in real life.

And you'll notice in one of the photos two baubles are caught (easy to fix) probably because of this big storm that ripped through last Thursday.

Whoa, green sky...

This is a south facing window and it's fab for seeing the storms roll in. I've always loved this window. We have three south facers, so we can see 'em coming from all angles! I love watching the colour of the sky change and well, watching it roll in. Makes for some good shots.

And it also gives me time to shut some of the windows in readiness for it. We don't shut all of them because of the pressure in the house and all that - Andrew's taught me about that - so I now leave a few open a bit on both sides so the pressure doesn't build up. And yes, I mop up a bit, but it's a small price to pay. And it is small, only a tiny bit of mopping. Who am I kidding, it's a paper towel on my foot kinda mopping. Told ya, not much.

Wow, hello hail. We didn't get any, but I know some people did. My aunty showed me the golf ball sized ones she got at her place on the Southside.

Getting closer and more furious...

Hello, in the midst. The show's over by this point. Nothing to see when you're in the midst, it's all just wind and rain.

Just wanted to show this too.

Got a nice surprise at my front door today when this arrived. The title says "Cute as a Button" referring to Cody, not me! Thanks, Vania, it's gorgeous and I love it. That one of Cody with the reindeer ears cracks me up :o)

Have a great night everyone!

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