21 December 2010

Random bits...sort of

Here's Mum with the wreath she made with us girlies a couple of weeks ago. My sister, Sue, has been on a wreath making frenzy and has done at least three. I did mine, but still have to put the jingle bells on it.

Mum's has bells on it, can you see them? They're red, green and gold.

We just used fabric scraps and tied them around one of those cane wreathy things, it's really easy. I just used all the scraps from the bunting I made a couple of years ago, as well as a few of Mum's leftovers.

Good job, Mum!

And speaking of Mum, she wanted to make this card. I taught it in a class years ago and I must've shown it to her. I had one kit left, so lucky ducky. She did it over a couple of days and now has it displayed in amongst all her Christmas decorations. 

It's a long card - an A5 folded lengthways.  

Wow, lots of bits on there, hey? Remember how I talked about making cards with lots of bits on them? Well, looks like I still do them sometimes. I love this one - it's just so cuute. I love making cute characters, they really are my favourite.

And lastly, a Santa ornament.

I saw this idea in a Marvy advertisement a couple of years ago. Their artist had layered the shapes exactly as you see here and had pierced the holes too. I added the Santa, he's mine.

Gosh, if I had some time, I'd make one to go on the ribbon. I'd use this year's Santa though, the one with the hair on both sides of his head. I'd keep the plain heart - needs to stay that way otherwise there'd be too many scallops, I think.

Okay, enough randomness for today. Bye now!


  1. Chuckle. Love the card, love the wreath.

  2. My wreath is hanging on the curtain rod at the top of the stairs - didn't work out in the living room. A bit of Chistmas in that area as Andrew said - there's nothing else out there. Looks nice. And was fun to make.


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