02 November 2010

A year ago yesterday...

...we got this dog.

So gorgeous...and lonely for his brothers.

I had to get up and pat him in the middle of the night to let him know he was okay.

He was. We never heard another peep at night after that.

He slept a lot.

He slept anywhere.

Yep, that's a triangle cushion.

I love having a dog - he's making use of all the old pillows and towels around here. We had far too many and you don't just chuck out towels even if you've got 50, now do you?

He was cute.

Look at that tummy. Hilarious. It would waddle back and forth when he was walking. Andrew and I would watch him and look at each other and smile.

Another good thing about having a dog - it's fun sharing him with Andrew, except when we disagree on stuff. Sometimes Andrew wins, sometimes I do, sometimes the dog does!

Ah, back in the days of less rain. Look at that brown grass - none around here now. You know you need some rain around the joint when the grass crunches under your feet, hey?

A happy puppy who loves his ball.

Little did we know how much. He's obsessed now.

He discovered (and so did we) a love of water. 

We took him out in the boat and I was just talking to Andrew about tying him in and whoop, over the side he went!

He got tied up after that.

We've since discovered he's a great swimmer and would swim for ages if we let him. And we do when we can.

His water bowl needed constant filling because of this.

Oh man, and I'd go out and fill it up again.

He grew bigger and survived his first Queensland summer.


Funny story. Dr Harry on Better Homes and Gardens suggested filling a 4L icecream container with water and treats and then freezing it for a cool treat for the dog. Dr Harry said, "Put it in the shade so it melts slowly and it'll keep him happy for hours."

I made the iceblock up one night and put it in the deep freeze to really freeze it. Gave it to Cody the next day (put it in the shade) and then went to get ready to go out. Checked on him before I left the house (about 20 - 30 mins) and the whole thing was gone!! Ice, treats and all!

Ah ha, a Queensland summer is not the same as a Tasmanian summer where Dr Harry is from! I laughed, hoped the dog wouldn't get indigestion and left the house.

If I do the treat thing this summer, it'll be using a 50L container. And yes, I'd do that just because I could. I'm sure Andrew's got some big container downstairs...I'll find one!

He greeted me from every window during the day, wishing I'd pay more attention to him.

He dug holes and tracked muddy footprints across my tiles. We didn't know we were getting a dog when we chose those tiles.

He did pretty well for himself though.

He went to the beach, the park, the other park, the other beach and other places in between. Like Sharyn (sister-in-law who has her own dog named Benji) said, "What do you have to do for yourself, Benji, breathe and that's about it!"

Yep, breathe and look cute.

Lol. And show his displeasure when I didn't throw the ball, take him for a walk or play with him 24 hours a day.

Don't you love that face? Hilarious.

He was eating his dog house, which he's not allowed to do!

He's also getting too big for that ledge there. Andrew might have to put an extension on.

He's made us smile, laugh and completely crack up. 

He's been good. 

Love you, mate.  And you're still cute!


  1. FAR OUT Debra! Cody has grown so much in just 1 year, I cannot believe it's been a year. I remember when you first bought him.

    He has become such a gorgeous dog! LOVE the silky fur and that sweet face is still adorable.

    LOVED reading about all of Cody's antics - almost makes me want a dog but we are still cat people here lol!

    Hope the next year is just as wonderful for Cody, you and Andrew!

    Have a great week Debra!

  2. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for commenting on my dog, even though you're a cat person, I remember you saying that! Remember I'm not really a dog person either, so that makes us equal! Ha ha.

    I know, he's grown so much. We think he's pretty much done now, but we'll see. He's officially a large dog, but only just. We think he's still mid-sized, he just weighs enough to get into the large dog category. Let's just say Andrew does all the lifting!

    Thanks for your lovely comments. Have a great night!


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