01 November 2010

Hi there

Just a few random things I wanted to mention today. The ladies and I were talking about these things in the Christmas class on Saturday, so I thought I'd mention them here too.

Firstly, Kristina Werner is doing 25 days of videos starting on Monday (in the US) - Tuesday to us. Check 'em out, they'll be good!

Secondly, red baker's twine is swiftly becoming a staple in my crafting kitchen. Particularly in this crafting kitchen's Christmas section. That basically means I'm using it a lot right now. I bought mine on Etsy. Click here to start shopping (I did a search for red baker's twine and this is what came up). Shop around - there's lot of different prices for the twine and shipping prices too. You can buy a little, or a lot, it's up to you. Ten bucks (including shipping) will get you a nice little stash.

Thirdly, the ATG (Advanced Tape Glider).

I love this thing.

Saves so much time - really, so much. It's great.

Scrapbookers have been using these for years.

You know those big tape guns for picture framing? That's what they were using and they weren't cheap. About $90 AUD and $50 USD (round about).

Scotch has now made a light duty version for scrapbookers (as opposed to the heavy duty one for framers) and the good thing is the colour - pink over red/black - and the price. I got mine for $26.99 USD. Amazing.

I got it from here - Paper Made Bakery. Shannon is really friendly and really looked after me. Go see her! Don't forget to order some refills too. She also has mini glue dots - sometimes they (the mini ones) can be hard to find. 

Her site wasn't set up for international orders when I purchased, but I emailed her for a shipping price and I paid through paypal. Easy. You can pay by paypal (using your credit card) even if you don't have a paypal account.

Trust me, you'll love your ATG.

Fourthly, I threatened to do this and now I've done it out of sheer necessity. I moved all the Tupperware/plastic containers to the spare bed to sort 'em out. First reason, it all wasn't fitting in the drawers and was annoying me. Second reason, you cannot tell me we need all this! Third reason, how many of these suckers are without their lids?

As you can see above, I was halfway through sorting lids to containers when I took the photo. I've done more since and there seems to be containers without lids and lids without containers. I'm sure you know the deal.

And the biggest surprise of all for me? I left only a very skeletal amount of containers in the drawers back in the kitchen thinking full well I'd be walking back and forth to get what I needed over the next few days. Well, I didn't even walk down there once in the next week. Okay, once, I think I went once. And secondly, I've been down there about three times in a month. Proves my theory - I have way too much of this stuff and it's gotta go.

Recognise some of them? Some are from my grandma (ie. the 60s), some are from my mum (ie. the 70s), some I bought in the 90s. Betcha you've got some too! 

Okay, that's all for today, bye for now!



  1. Thanks for the class on Saturday Debra! To be honest, I have never been a punch artist but, faced with creating so many cards, I needed quick, simple, yet beautiful cards. You've really opened my eyes to punching and (sadly) am more than likely going to become an addict too :(

    I did find an oz store that is now selling bakers twine (got me addicted to that too) but with the USD, it's probably still cheaper buying it overseas!

    Thanks once again.

    P.S There is nothing wrong with being a tupper addict.

  2. Hi Jo,

    Oh, no problem, I'm glad you enjoyed the class. Was great to see you! Hmm, so you think you might get into the punching now, hey? Good for you. They're an investment, but you can only get more use out of them. So many consumables are consumable, but punches are everlasting! Ha ha, sounds silly, but it's true. Seriously, they're tools and tools are always useful.

    Oh cool, you found some baker's twine in Aust. I did too, but she wasn't selling enough of the quantity. I bought some more from overseas too. Just gotta sometimes.

    Most of my Tupperware etc is still up on the bed - it's amazing just how much of it we don't use. And I knew that, thus the move 'em on out!

    Anyway, thanks for the chat, bye for now,

    Debra :o)


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