18 November 2010

Tinsel and Twig

Hey there,

Just wanted to share this with you today. Had to! It's one of those things...

Every year I look forward to buying a new Christmas collection or two. This year I found this collection from The Girls Paperie. It's called Tinsel and Twig and it's gorgeous. Margie (the designer) used to work for Making Memories, but now she makes her own stuff. I love her style and knew this was going to be a collection for me as soon as I saw it.

I do love the traditional red and green, so that's what drew me firstly. Then I noticed the ledger paper, hello? Very cool. And the patchworky one makes it feel homespun. It's a traditional, yet modern, vintage-y style. Vintage is modern right now!

So, I bought the papers. Loved 'em. Made a card with them.

But the thing I really wanted to mention today is the sticker pad.

Let's scroll, shall we?

(Just check out the prettiness as you scroll down)

Oooh, this is one of my favourites. It's the one I used to make the card. And I love that red and white snowflake one. No snow around here, but I like it anyway.

Okay, let's stop here for a second.

Imagine me getting my package from Blue Bazaar and I'm pulling stuff out of the box at the kitchen bench.

Okay, here's the sticker pad, I think to myself as I see the spiral. I give it a tug to pull it expecting something small and "Whoa, it's huge!" It just kept coming out of the box!!

You know how you buy sticker sheets with tiny letters on them and they're about A5 size? I was expecting that, but instead I got this! Get a load of it - it's 12" tall!! I was just shaking my head - that's buying off the internet for ya.

Have you done that before? Ordered something off the internet and it's way smaller than you expected, or way bigger? I got some journalling tags once and they were so small I needed a magnifying glass to check 'em out. And once I got this alphabet stamp thing that I expected to be the size of a date stamp, but it turned out to be about five times the size!! So funny.

Now, when I ordered the sticker pad - the pic had only what you see below. I went onto the manufacturer's website to see if they had pics of what was inside, but there were none, so I took a punt and bought it anyway. 

It was $7.95, so I figured I couldn't go wrong and I didn't. It's amazing! And you just wait til you see what comes in this sucker for $7.95!! 

Gorgeous red letter stickers.

They're a nice size for cards. They're about the same size as October Afternoon's Mini Market letter stickers actually.

This was a FAB surprise! Little alphas!! Yes, people, that's four alphabet colours there, can you believe it? And there are six of each of the main letters. In each colour! Ah, so happy. This sheet alone is worth at least $6 compared to other ones I've seen (and bought).

I love, love, love tiny alphas because they suit my new way of scrapping. Got that story on my blog-o to share list.

Fabbo :o)

And yet there's still more.

These are all individual Christmas words - there's like a billion of them.

They make good borders - you know along a card or page. Just a row of these. It's a great way to add a bit of somethin' to the project. 

And a countdown of the Dec dates. And the December letters there at the bottom.

December Daily anyone?

(Ali Edwards is the December Daily queen)

And still more...

(Can you believe how much is in this pad for $7.95?) 


And lastly, labels and bits...

I love the postage stamps. Perfect for putting on your own handmade envelope. Nice. I'll be using these bits and bobs in my scrapping and whatnots. So many possibilities.

So, there you go, what do you think?

Summary: I was expecting it to be about A5 size and I knew whatever was in it would be nice, so I paid the $7.95. It turned out to be huge, both in size and quantity of stuff. And the stuff is gorgeous. And the letter stickers are tiny, just like I like 'em. Actually, they're two sizes and I love both.

I'm using the papers in my scrapping as well as to make Christmas cards and decorations for our tree. We have a new tree this year and it needs some decorating. I'm also doing a December Daily, so it'll feature in that too. My December Daily is different this year, but that's another post. And my Dec Daily is different to my regular scrapping. I also thought I could use the papers to make some bunting. Gotta have some bunting, you think?

And hey, I got the Tinsel and Twig papers and sticker pad here if you'd like to check it out. Remember Blue Bazaar holds orders. You can order say $20 worth of stuff and then wait for some other new things to come in to add to it before you get them to send it. You have to wait for your stuff obviously, but it's a great system. Some people just add to their order and get BB to ship it to them each month. And some people just accumulate things until they want the whole lot shipped. Their newsletter talks about the holding system they have if you'd like more details.

Okay, that's all for now, enjoy your day!


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