17 November 2010

The inside of the Santa card

Not to be confused with Santa's insides. We're not discussing guts here. Actually, I think we just did. There you go, guts and stuff. Nice. 

Points to note about this card:

The crease.

Or the lack thereof of crease. There's a line, but no crease. It's a crease, but it's a neat one.

One word: Scor-Pal.

Two words: It rocks.

Three words: Go get one.

Point two -

There's Stickles on that there star. Must do.

Point three -

I used to draw pen detail on the hair and beard of Santa (little commas kinda), but now I just don't. Really pulled back on the pen for some reason. In art, I've noticed, I just find myself not doing things I used to without even really noticing I've changed. I didn't realise I didn't do the pen detail until later. That's what I mean. Not noticing the changes. It's art. Right now, I'm into minimal pen. Or no pen. Like, I don't want to add pen unless I really have to. I'm obviously having a pen thing right now. Or, a non-pen thing.

Point four -

I used Sullivans punches.

Yellow Circle for the head, Purple Circle for the nose, Blue Scallop Heart for the beard, Green Scallop Oval for the hair and Green Star for the star (punches six at a time).

Point five -

The nose is on foam tape.

Another must do. If I find myself not doing this anymore, I'll make myself do it because it's a must do.

My sister said the nose looks like a lolly (Dimensional Magic). I told her I considered a button, but it made him look like a pig with the two holes in the button and all. Oink, oink.

Point six -

I love red.

Red card, red nose, red base to put the card on for the photo, red prop to help me with taking the photos. Red, red, red. 

Point seven -

I do not get manicures.

Point eight -

Who knew there were so many points about such a simple card?

Point nine -

I've made more little cards like this, but I'm going to keep them to myself.

Point ten -

Just kidding.


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