06 October 2010

While we're at it...

...and making wish lists, here are some other things I'm liking.

Tim Holtz's Tattered Florals die. It's out of stock everywhere over here as far as I can tell - it's even out of stock on Sizzix's website. It's been soooo popular. No matter, it'll come back. The machines are probably cranking them out as we speak. Actually, probably not. They're probably doing the new ones, but they'll do some more Tattered Florals eventually.

This ornament die from Sizzix. I'm hoping it's the shape I think it is. Hard to tell sometimes.

I do like this Merry and Bright die. I'd like to cut the word Merry out and add Christmas in stickers below it.

Tim Holtz embossing folders - December Calendar and Holiday Words.

Some of these Sizzix + Basic Grey embossing folders. Nice.

Mini Baroque Die - goes with the bigger one. I think it goes inside the bigger one actually?

Mini Ornamental Die - goes with the bigger one too.

This Layered Flowers #6 has a lot of potential.

And lastly, so does this Tag and Bookplates die if you're into tags. I know a lot of people are. Ali Edwards does a December Daily album each year and Tim does a 12 Tags of Christmas each year. He's going to do it again this year and the tag die will sell out, I guarantee it!

Oooh, I just linked the tag over and saw the image for the first time. The tag is magnetic and the bookplates are regular and the reinforcer comes with it too. That is, you can cut a reinforcer for your tag - you know, manilla tag, brown reinforcer? This die is definitely on my list now, so much potential with it. I reckon it'll be a 'get out of the way, I'm coming through' job for a lot of ladies! ha ha. We all know what we like and we don't want anyone to stand in our way of getting it!

Things this post says about me:

1. I love tools.

2. I love dies.

3. I love embossing folders.

I love things that have longevity.

They last for a long time.

They don't go out of fashion.

They can be used a billion ways.

(As if I'd ever use them a billion ways, but the potential is there!)

Yep, give me some tools and I'm a happy girl.


What floats your boat?

Rocks your world?

Calls your name?

Makes you want to sit down and create?

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