07 October 2010

I couldn't do a wish list without including October Afternoon.

I just couldn't.

I mean, really, they're my favourite, and I'm here to tell you why.

Gotta discuss these things, they're important!

The Schoolhouse line.

Why do I like this one?

I was a school teacher, so hello, teachery stuff. Still speaks to me. 

This is what I love. 

Doilies in a school line.

It's just. so. cool.

Three other papers I like in the line.

I'm not into yellow and grey, but I like this. Good for man cards and fella stuff. I'd combine it with other colours, of course. I really don't do monochromatic (or semi-monochromatic), and if I do, it feels wrong!

That scallop paper is lovely. And with letters and with ruler paper? Well, pick me up off the floor with a stick.

I'm not a big fan of a lot of black either, but again, I like this one with the letters and the vintage pictures. I'd cut this paper up and use it in bits.

And this, this sticker sheet, well, I just love it. I love the rulers, I love the label bits, I love the label bits with the ledger paper and the kids, I love that doily label and the bunting. Hello, bunting. And I love the colours.

And I will be using this sticker sheet with photos that have nothing to do with school. 

Another reason I like it, versatility.

Modern Homemaker for me is all about the bits - the stickers, chipboard shapes. Do love these papers though. 

Once again can see myself cutting up the image papers and using them in bits.

I like them so much that I don't want to cover them up with stuff. I want to see how to make Frozen Creams!

And I also want to see how to clean (or is it cleanse?) the food freezer.

It's an important thing a home owner needs to know.

These are just fab. So fab.

Look, I can see my granny's glasses :o) She'd love seeing them. I love that lady in her red dress too. I wonder if she wears those glasses?

My favourite on here is the lady showing the newly washed shirt.

I have to scrub my husband's work collars every time they get washed and sometimes I feel like saying, Wow! like her.

These Wild Cards are fun. What do you think? So looking forward to putting them into my albums. 

I am doing slip-ins and loving it. You know, page protectors with split sections? I use the ones from Becky Higgins' Project Life kit. They've got four 4 x 6 sections and 4 little sections across the middle. The Wild Cards fit perfectly in those little sections.

You can see the page protectors here on Becky's website.

(She's selling page protectors separate to the kit next year? Not sure)

And you can see Ali's Project Life sample here. Shows the little sections I'm talking about.

I use other We-R-Memory Keepers page protectors too. I just mix 'em all up according to what my photos are. It's so great - I'll write about it sometime.

In the meantime, onto Campfire.

Campfire for me is all about the papers.

We don't have bears, deer and pine trees over here, so I wondered about the use of the line for me initially. In looking closer though, I've really fallen in love with the line. It's the papers, I love the colours and the browny, greeny, bluey-ness of it all. And the red, love the punch of red.

I'll use the caravan and camping bits, for sure. It's all about making what's on offer work for you.

And as I've said before, October A's lines can be mixed and matched very successfully, so I'm all over that.

And also, someone mentioned the other day that OA's paper is all on a cream base, rather than white.

No wonder I love it so much! Oooh.

Yep, lovin' it.

Always do.

They've never produced a line I didn't like.

No other company has done that, so win win in my books.

Win win in my albums! ha ha


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