14 October 2010

New Marvy punches

Before I launch into the new punches, I have to share this funny story.

Andrew and I were trying to decide what to have for dinner the other night. He was standing (as you do) with the fridge door open looking into the depths to see what was actually there...and there wasn't much. He said, "Let's have carrot sandwiches."

I'm like, "What?" and burst out laughing. He was joking and we were both laughing, but the man likes pineapple sandwiches, so he'd probably try carrot ones. Never had a pineapple sandwich in my life until I met him. Then I had one and decided I didn't need them in my life. Just to clarify (he told me to) - these are fresh pineapple sandwiches I'm talking about here. Buttered white bread with fresh pinepple cut into slices - and he leaves the core in! Beautiful, he reckons!

Is he weird for liking them, or am I, for not? :o)

Anyway, moving on!

These are new from Marvy and thought you might like to see!

3-in-1 corners, some borders and some new multi-punch ones.

I like the beach one, but I always like beach ones.

Which ones do you like?

Okay, well have a great day and try a fresh pineapple sandwich if you've never had one! Then tell me whose side you're on!



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