13 October 2010

New Martha

Hey there,

Found these new Martha punches I thought you'd like to see. Their release dates are a while away yet, but still, it's nice to know what's coming.

Martha's doing "punch anywhere on the page" punches - check them out here. What do you think? I'd be using them as "punch anywhere on the card" punches. I've wanted to make window cards before, but never have because of the hassle. I can see the hassle being taken out with these. Fiskars is doing some too - nice.

Okay, Martha's also doing some more Deep Paper Ribbon punches, as well as some new Deep Edgers and this time they have corner punches to match. That's a first. They're springy designs, for spring. I'm guessing they'll come out about March next year. That butterfly one is gorgeous.

She's also doing some Punch Around the Page sets in the regular size borders - first three.

I like seeing what the designers out there are doing for a couple of reasons. Firstly I like buying their stuff! Come on, love punches, that's obvious. I like having some cool ones to look forward to buying too. Are you like that? Sometimes it's the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of the buy, ha ha.

Secondly, I like to see what people are designing. And what the companies are deciding to produce product/collection/tool wise etc etc. I like marketing and stuff like that. It's interesting. Sometimes I agree with their perspective and sometimes I don't, but as a designer myself, I know how hard it is to stay "on" all the time. Anyway, it's interesting, so I keep looking. And actually above, I stumbled upon the new punches - I was suprised to see them so early actually.

This is the Happy Birthday Deep Edger punch from Martha. I reallllly like this one because even though it's technically a border punch, you can chop it up.  

I was really hoping they'd do exactly the same thing with "Merry Christmas" for this season. Hello, gift tags, cards and a bunch of other stuff. And a punch that you could break out for YEARS and totally hammer into the ground.

Sounds harsh, but hey, longevity is the key with crafting, isn't it? Gotta get your use out of stuff. And a Merry Christmas punch? USE!

Anyway, it was obviously not to be. Maybe next year :o)


  1. There are certainly some great punches there, PC has some of the Deep Edger punches, they have loads of new Martha stock. I saw the Vintage Doily one there, nearly bought it, love that one and the Wild Flower Deep Border punch. Beautiful. Also like the 4 petal flower one too and corner. Too tempting. Love seeing your top picks on here.

  2. Oh yes, and the Happy Birthday one, what a great idea. Very creative in the idea department, a Christmas one would be great.

  3. Hey Mum, So jealous that you saw the punches! I've been eyeing them off for so long online. You did well to resist! I know, a Merry Christmas punch - like I said, maybe next year.


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