01 October 2010

Birthdays and cupcakes...

Since we were talking about birthdays and cupcakes the other day, I thought I'd share these today.

Here is the cupcake I ate for my birthday this year.

Here is the cupcake my mum ate for my birthday this year.

Andrew and Dad ate cupcakes for my birthday this year too, but they don't take photos of their food. It's only us girls that do that.

My cupcake was yum.

We got them here (at Poppy Cakes). Nice.  

Thought I'd share this card too.

The background is Sugar Daddy, Bazzill Bling. Hello? Please don't stop making this stuff!

The layer is photocopied from one of my grandmother's recipe books (onto card).  

The bunting is Bazzill Bling again.

Hello again? Bazzill Bling, I need you!

This time I used both sides of the bling - the blingy part, and the brighter back part. So rich and yummy.

And the bunting is circles cut in half. Cut a goodie and use that one to cut all your others so they're all exactly the same size.

Love that graphic of the lady with the cake.

And here's the lead actor (the rest are supporting actors).

The lead actor is Cupcake in Scalloped Square using these two punches. Ice cream is McGill (now comes in a lever) and the second is from Sullivans (have always come in a lever).

(We like levers. We like them a lot)

The actual cupcake bit on the cupcake is Core-dinations card. The front is chocolate and the back is pink. Embossed it with Swiss Dots folder (Cuttlebug) and sanded to reveal the pink. Fun stuff.

The Scalloped Square itself is the back of Bling again - it's Feather Boa. Love that pink. It's so great for these cupcake cards.  

Red button to finish.

Red buttons rock, we know that.

And so do cupcake cards.



  1. Love the cupcake card Deb. And the back layer with the copy out of the old recipe book. That's fun. So were the cupcakes.

  2. Thanks, Mum! And I had the foresight NOT to use the original, but keep it so I could make copies for future cards. Wouldn't have done that once upon a time.. :o)


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