27 September 2010

Well, I'm concerned...

...I've heard that Bazzill bling is being discontinued.

 Does anyone know anything about this? 

If it's true, I'll be sorry to see it go. I love the Sugar Daddy chocolate colour that I use for icing and cupcakes and the like. I'll also miss Diva and Feather Boa - the pinks. Plus the greens and the yellows. 

The thing is too, I use the backs of them as well. They're not blingy, but nice, bright colours - brighter than regular Bazzill card. I like 'em and I'd be very, very sorry to see them go too. 



  1. Oh I love Bazzill Bling as well, love Glass Slipper, love Diva Bling, love August, April and so many many more. I love using the back of them for the richer colours.

    I will find out for you Debra!

  2. PS: I asked my Bazzill Source lol and she told me this "probably talking about the 12 colours from the birthstone bling range which has been discontinued and also the bling range is being cut down from 40 to 30 colours only...the final 30 are not being discontinued"

    So phew not all are going but I really love some of those Birthstone ones doh!

    Hope that helps Debra!

  3. Hi Liz,
    Thanks, it does - I'll put a post up!
    Debra :o)
    PS. Phew, alright, very happy!


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