24 September 2010

My tea cup

This is my granny.

You've seen her before. I've talked about her a bit.

What I don't think I've talked about is my granny's tea cup that became my tea cup.

Granny used to mind us a lot as kids and we used to have tea together. Sue used to get the same pink cup with roses on it and I got this one. It's gorgeous, I love it. Things become very precious because we all know it's the memory attached to them that we love too.

It's a trio - I have the little plate too. Granny used to make scones with sultanas in them all the time. I could really go a scone now. She didn't do the jam and cream thing as much, just the butter and jam thing. What I remember is her rings clinking against the mixing bowl as she rubbed the butter into the flour. Such a sweet sound.

She used one of those pink mixing bowls from the 50s or 60s, or even the 40s. I wouldn't know, but you probably know the type I'm talking about. 

The tea cup.

I love this tea cup.

I don't drink out of it much, but I have. I remember wiping it up after it got washed recently and I nearly dropped it. It's stayed on the shelf ever since.

Here are Granny's sugar bowl and creamer. She used the sugar bowl every day, not sure about the creamer. Just easier to pour out of the bottle. I've showed you these before too. Mum told me what they're made of, but I've forgotten.

It doesn't matter. They're so Granny though, I love them. Kinda match her glasses. Scroll up. See? :o)

What I haven't showed you is my sugar and creamer.

Here it is.

Oooh, I looove it.  

I bought it because I liked (loooved) it. My sister told me it was very me. I know what very "everyone else" is a lot of the time, but sometimes I don't know what "very me" is. I just know what I like and I buy it.

It's quirky. It's cute. It's different. It's vintage-y. It's got a red top. It came with a black top too, but the red was a no brainer for me. In fact, if it only had a black top, I wouldn't love it so much. I may have even left it on the shelf. Who am I kidding, I wouldn't have done that, but I wouldn't love it as much as I do if it had a black top. 

Oh, it's definitely me. I've got a red top too! Funny.

Sorry, in all my yakking I forgot to say that it's a two-parter, but you could probably tell that by the photo. You put your milk in the top bit and your sugar in the bottom. And I love that the leftover milk can go straight back in the fridge - no pouring it back into the milk bottle.

And you know what? I reckon my granny would love it. I know she would. We'd have a nice cup of tea together using her china cups and my sugar bowl/creamer. A nice blend of the old and the new - in more ways than one!

Oh yes, just in case you'd like to know, I bought the creamer in a plant nursery's gift shop. They had some really interesting stuff. My sister bought a big bowl for her outside table - I convinced her to get the red over the white - and I also got some very cool melamine drinking cups in yellow, green, pink and orange. Sue got some too - pink for her, green for Sarah.

So, that's the story of Granny's tea cup and my creamer set.

Thanks for stopping by today, have a great day :o)


  1. These are so gorgeous.... and so nostalgic.

    Incidentally, tomorrow we have a 'memorial' kind of day for my granny who passed away last year. Maybe I should do a post about her some time. She embroidered a lot (and I mean A LOT) and we all have little mementos of her work... i have a few sarees, a few dresses, dressing table mats, bed covers, et al embroidered by her, and I don't want to use them just because I want them to be with me forever!

  2. Hi Smita,

    Wow, a lot of memories popping up for you! A memorial day for your granny, that's lovely. Hope it was a wonderful day for you. Maybe you could take photos of the items she made and post about them, we all love hearing the stories around your craftiness. I know, I don't want to use the things either! I'm hearing ya. :o)


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