30 August 2010

Total randomness...but with a theme.

Hi there,

I'm back from blog-o-cation! 

Did you miss me?

I missed you!

I'm still a bit out of it and my head's still trying to get into it. Thus, today's post. Randomness, but with a flowery theme :o)

These flowers were in my garden, but they're not anymore.

I wish they were.

My husband planted them for me and we had a good little garden going there for a while. We've realised in the southern hemisphere, and particularly in Queensland (the Sunshine State), Australia, we don't appreciate our flowers like you northern hemisphere dwellers. After going without them for so long after the snow and whatnot, I totally get the whole "give me some colour" thing!

In our state, we don't get snow. We had sleet inland once and it was very exciting. If we do get snow in our state it's a freak of nature. We have flowers all year round and we enjoy the sun all year round too. In fact, if there's too many overcast days in a row, we all start getting a bit peaked and gloomy. Not good! 

Flowers in the garden = good. 

Flowers in the garden that dog (Shep, not Cody) doesn't dig up = good. 


A flower card this time.

I noticed the swirls on the yellow there before. Looks like I tried to get some texture happening that's similar to embossing. Don't you just love embossing? Gosh, the Cuttlebug, love it! And what'd you think of the re-design? Interesting, hey? 

These flowers were taken in the northern hemisphere and in a very specific spot that I remember exactly.

Two words: Green Gables.

This card has a story, but I'll leave you hanging on that one too.

Sorry, it's mean, but I've gotta spread this stuff out otherwise my posts would be too long, even for me!

This card has a story too.

It's not an earth shattering one, but it's a story nonetheless.

And I'm going to share it tomorrow!


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