20 August 2010

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - page 28

Hey there!

Thought I'd continue with the Look in the Book today and specifically page 28 because that's where we're up to!

The page is titled Funny Faces, but maybe it should be Fun Faces. Anyways, there's a lot of fun faces on there and they were fun to make, I remember that. 

It's amazing what you can use to make hair...

~ Leaves

~ Decorative scissors

~ An apple

~ The candy punch

~ General shapes like circles and ovals

~ Flowers

~ Suns

~ Snowflakes

~ The cloud punch

~ A lot of options! 

This one uses a Scallop Oval. And Cloud scissors match for a fringe.

I've always liked her and her hair.

Ah, another favourite, the Fleur-de-lis.

Great ponytails.

If you look at them for too long they can start to look like horns, so don't do that, okay?

And the Fleur-de-lis again this time as more mature ponytails.

Kinda sixties, right?

Especially with the puffy bit at the back. That's just another 1" Circle glued behind there.

Obviously I took these photos straight from my book (they're my images, so I can do that) - but it seems I didn't take any boy ones.

Oh well, the girlie hairdos are more interesting anyway.

Here are some boys for you.

And a dog. Gotta include the animals in our life.

What we have for hair here is (from left) a leaf, another leaf (but smaller), flowers and a circle.

And out of interest the dog (let's call him Shep and deem him Cody's cousin) has half hearts and teardrops for ears because he has no hair.

Cute card - if I made it again (which I would), I'd brighten the colours up a bit. This card was made back in the day before I used Bazzill and when I only used about 15 colours because that's all that was available to me then.

I'd still do the people and the dog (sorry...I mean Shep) the same way, I'd just use a brighter blue background and lighter pink/green hearts.

I won't say much about this one.

That's because I want you just to have a look at it for a while and enjoy the bits and pieces on it. There's a lot to look at. I found myself looking at it happily for a few minutes too. Oh dear, I just noticed the wonky green balloon, did you?

What I will say is - those swirly pigtails are from this punch (it doesn't have a name) from The Punch Bunch.

I've had it for years and never used it as a border, only as hair.

After saying I wouldn't say much, I've said enough.

Oh yes, check out the rest of The Punch Bunch borders here. The whole PB range is available at Photo Continental too!

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