19 August 2010

New punches

Hi there!

Just a quick one today.

Here are a couple of links to the new Deep Edger Punches from EK Success.

I've linked to them before, but I've found some better pictures.

So, click here first - you kinda get the idea of what the patterns look like.

Click here second - now you really get the idea! Click on the ones you like and enlarge them - great pics. I love how they've been punched out so we can see the patterns they make. And remember, some of them are borders and some of them are paper ribbon.

What are your favourites?

Mine are the ones that are a bit more generic like the Lattice Chain, Circles Large and I quite like the Chinese Knot.

Okay, bye for now :o)

PS. My favourite out of all the new punches I've seen? The Vintage Doily Deep Edger from Martha Stewart (scroll down). Must have.

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