09 August 2010

The other card I made...

...to fit the envelope I cut too small.

It was only small by about a 1 cm or so, but too small is too small!

It's pretty simple.

(All papers etc are Cosmo Cricket - Material Girl)

Green background (love that green).

Red strip.

Border strip (from the border strips paper - it has the quote on it).

Scissors (self-adhesive even) underneath.

Corners chomped.

7 mins.


Who doesn't love a big pair of chipboard scissors?

Andrew, that's who.

I showed him the cards I made and he thought they were kiddy. Like, what's with the chipboard and stuff? He didn't get it.

I get why he didn't get it because I guess it's kiddy in a way and I can see why he would think that.

I never thought about it, I just used it and liked it.

His reaction surprised me a bit because he was quite definite about it in his laid back, but definite, way. I didn't mind that he didn't like them, but I would've liked him to like them! Oh well, can't win 'em all. Maybe I should've signed the card to my sister from just me, and not him :o).

He always likes my punch art though, so yay for me.

Yay for him is all I can say.

Thought this was a nice quote.

It's a goodie.

At least it's not kiddy.

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