06 August 2010

A card for my sis

It was my sister's birthday over the weekend (hi, Sue!) and this is the card I made for her.

It's a biggie, it's A5. I like 'em big. More room to stick stuff.

I ended up making this on the kitchen bench, rather than in my room. No room in my room, no time in my room (ie. sitting at the desk means committing, standing at the bench is more free and easy. Anyway, it's all another story that you know I'm gonna tell).

This is the card.

I used Cosmo Cricket's Material Girl line.

Sue's into patchwork at the moment, so it was perfect for her.

My sister doesn't look like this.

My sister has brown hair. And she doesn't wear pigtails. Her head's not that big either.

Crafting = taking liberties. Liberties I took.

Actually when Pete (brother) saw the card he said, "That's Dirt Girl. Jack (his son, he's 8), look, it's Dirt girl."

Dirt girl?

She's on the ABC - one of those kids' shows. I had no idea. Ben 10, Dirt Girl - who makes up the names? In my day it was Astro Boy. I didn't care for him.

When you make your biggie card, you need a biggie envelope.

This was the second version because the first was too small. I thought I had it down pat. I didn't.
Do not fear though, I made another card to fit the smaller envelope. Waste not, want not.

Sue was given a sewing machine for her 21st birthday. She's not 21 now. She's a fair bit older and in all that time her sewing machine hasn't had a lot of use.

After sitting around in the cupboard for so long, it's gone into shock because it's being hammered like nobody's business now.

Is this true, Sue, or am I just making all this up?

Sewing notions.


The whole card needed the thread to finish it off.

Pink? Didn't have the right colour.

Green? Nup.

Yellow? Yes. Nice.

Finished the whole card with the WeRMemory Keepers Corner Chomper on the corners. Love that thing 'cause it punches through lots of layers and I don't have to think ahead.

Sue liked the card. Glad she did.

She liked what was inside too - a spelling mistake from me. She liked that with me being a writer and all. Ha ha.

Hope you had a good birthday weekend, Suzanne.

Was good to spend some of it with you!


  1. Thanks for the card Deb - I do love it and it's in a prominent place in my craft room for me to drool over! Yes, I did get my sewing machine for my 21st (no-one ever gets a sewing machine for their 21st pressie anymore!) Yes, it is copping a flogging at the moment with patchwork for me and sewing lessons for Sarah! Definitely is in desparate need of a service :o)

  2. PS: I am glad you confirmed I look nothing like Dirt Girl!!

  3. Hey Suze, No probs - glad I was able to make a card for you and that I had the sewing papers to use too. It was a nice coincidence. I know, sewing machines, what are they? And roger that about Dirt Girl! :o) Never even seen Dirt Girl!


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