19 July 2010

New punches and October Afternoon

Hi there,

How are you today?

Hey, I was over at Photo Continental last week and saw these McGill lever punches over there. Thought you might like to know!

This star one would be nice for Christmas projects.

Also, October Afternoon has come out with a new line called Seaside. Of course it's totally out of season for us, but I don't care.

Love their stuff.

Think it rocks.

Ha ha, rocks...seaside.

A slightly different look for them, I think. Still a vintage theme going on, but this one has both adult and child stuff mixed together.

Also, if you're interested in what other new stuff is coming out, click here to go to Scrapbook Update, and click on the orange button at the top.

I just scroll down to the companies I like and click on those. There's so much out there that I limit myself to a few companies I know, and punches, of course.

Have a great day!


  1. Wow, another new collection. I like it, could have been used for my child pics, that's me on the beach. I like the yellow flower page, very pretty. They do come up with some pretty designs.

  2. Hi Mum, Yep, this is their mid-release after Fly a Kite and Thrift Shop a couple of months ago. They're coming out with a couple more soon - something to do with camping and Home Sweet Home. And then prob a Christmas one. Seaside would be a nice collection for vintage beachy pics. Has that feel. Gosh, I love their stuff.


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