28 June 2010

Inspiration Station

Hi and happy Monday to you!

You know that memory game you play where you go around the circle and you have to list what everyone else has said and then you add your own?

For example: Items in the fridge - milk, butter, oranges, apples, carrots, chocolate annnndddd (thinking of your own thing to add) tomatoes! Then the next person has to say all those and add their own? Good memory game for kids - I played it in the classroom with my Year 3 kids. Good after dinner table game too for family dinners.

Well, this post is like that.

Pink card with pearls...

Girl on bike...

aannnddd Duck with deer!

One card leads to another and the fun continues.

This card is made with the same piece of paper from Sassafras Lass that I used for the Girl on bike. I had a couple of other bits of paper from the collection, so I used those to cut bits from. All fun stuff.

Oh yes, they're bigger cards too - about 6 x 6. I like making different sized cards, what about you?

PS. Sassafras has a blog if you'd like to check it out. Like all manufacturers they debut new product (their newist is Indie girl) on there and I like how they show the whole collection and I can view it with one scroll of the mouse.

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