18 May 2010

Inspiration station thoughts

Hey there and hello to you!

Just a thought I had the other day - in order to actually want to craft, you have to stay inspired, yes?

How do you do that?

What makes you want to sit down and make something?

For me, it's product.

Sometimes it's other things, but mostly it's product.

I took this photo probably 18 mths ago. These things still inspire me today, which is lucky because I've still got some of that paper.

I love bright colours, fun prints and punches, of course. I keep all those things around me to keep me inspired and wanting to sit at my desk.

Something else I've been doing lately (ie. in the last year maybe?) is using fun items from around my house as starters for projects.

I mean things like fun plates, jugs with pretty patterns - things like that. I already love them because they're in my house, and one day I saw them and thought they'd make a good starting place for a card.

I started with my fun plates - was interesting to see how the cards turned out.

I'll share them soon!



  1. i am really enjoying reading your blog. i find what inspires me is my kids-their clothes, school readers, cartoons, sense of fun and watch they enjoy watching on tv. looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. Hi there, Thanks for your lovely comment - I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog, that's nice to hear. Loved hearing what inspires you too, thanks for telling me. Stay tuned for cards made from plates soon! :o)


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