30 April 2010

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - page 20 (part 4)


The last of the Cute Critters today. Sure are a lot of them.

These ones are made with smaller punches, you may not be able to tell, but they are.

3/4" Circle for the head and a 1" Circle for the body. Half hearts for arms and legs.


Needs gold on nose.

Would make him a bit differently, ie. position things differently, but I won't go into that. Went into it two days ago and my conclusions are the same as they were then.


Needs gold on nose. Or black. Whichever.


Needs gold.

Would change inner ears to light brown.


Would rip head off and start again.

Whoa, harsh, but I'm done with spikey ears.

And I don't like his smile, or his eyes - they're shifty like he's going to whack me with that carrot...

You don't like him now either, do you?

Ah, much better.

And he has trimmed whiskers too.


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