29 April 2010

The mouse story

Hey there,

After talking about that mouse yesterday, I was reminded of a funny story. One of those ones that wasn't funny at the time.

Oh yeah, I've put the pics in to thwart any visual images that you might have while reading the story. And to give you something to enjoy as you read. Photo posts, gotta have photo posts!

The mouse story.

(Clearing throat)

Once upon a time there was a girl (me) who lived in her house and went about her daily chores like the dedicated home owner that she was.


So, I was at home and I was doing stuff like washing and cleaning. By the end of the day I had a headache because of the constant drone of the backhoe close by. You know those machines that move dirt all day? Anyway, I shut the kitchen window to stop the noise, but it seemed louder somehow.


Couldn't figure it out and it went on all night while we were eating dinner etc.

The next morning the droning could still be heard, but I was at a loss about what it was, or where it was coming from.

I ended up ignoring it and went to clean the main bathroom.

As soon as I walked into the bathroom, I knew something wasn't right.

"What's that stuff in the bath?" I looked in and whoa!

I stood back with my hand over my mouth, my eyes darting back and forth.

I leaned forward again and yep, I was right, the entire bath was covered in mouse poo! Oh, yikes! It was all up the sides and just everywhere. So gross.

And the mouse was still there! It was in the bottom of the bath, still alive, but not moving much (thank goodness) except for some rapid breathing.

Poor thing, it was flat on it's back, exhausted. It'd been trying to get out of the bath all night and finally gave up.

Can you see it?

"I can make it, I can make it! Oh, no I can't..." Try again. "I can make it, I can make it....oh, no I can't." What about over here? "I can make it, I can make it....oh, no I can't." I mean, really, how long did it try to get out of there?

In the drought we used some hose to pump the rinse water out onto our grass and I'd left the hose outside all night the night before. On the day of the headache I'd brought it back inside and, unbeknownst to me, brought the mouse in with it. The mouse had crawled out and somehow gotten in the bath, but was unable to get out.

At least I think that's what happened. Doesn't sound very plausible that he'd get in the bath in the first place...

Anyway, I had a mouse and poo to deal with, so I got dealing. The mouse was captured in a takeaway container (he was too tired to put up much of a fight) and the poo got cleaned up. The floor also needed to be cleaned what with the mouse running all over it and all.

I started mopping and you know how it is, I'll just mop this area too. Okay, I'll mop the hall as well. Okay, I'll hop at the top of the stairs too. Alright, I'll just mop everything!

So, I'd made my way out to the kitchen and was mopping near the bank of drawers in the bench. All of a sudden the droning from the day before got louder.

"What is that?"

I pulled open the bottom drawer and "rrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" - the noise was really loud! Turned out that the wheat bag I'd chucked in the drawer two days earlier landed on the call button on our old intercom! Andrew's workshop is downstairs and we'd rigged an intercom so we could talk to each other. It never really worked properly, so we ditched it in the drawer, but left the batteries in it.

That noise went on for two days and I had the mouse to thank that it finally stopped!

So, that's the mouse story.

Epilogue: The mouse got filed under B for bin. Sorry, mousey.


  1. That's hilarious Deb.

  2. What a great story (would have liked to see a little punched mouse playing peekaboo over a bath, but maybe you'd seen enough of mice to even think about it more!)

  3. Just saw the mouse on the previous entry! I'm satisfied! Much cuter I'm sure than what you saw.

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    Oh funny, a mouse peeking over the bath - that would be cute actually!
    They're only little creatures, but they make me squirm...ooohh.
    PS. Glad you liked my punch art mouse!


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