01 April 2010

Close ups!


You're probably all busy at your last day of work before the break, or getting ready at home, or finishing at work and then going home to get ready, or getting ready to go home, or just going home, or going away, or falling down in a heap because you tried to get cheap petrol (at 1.18) and your car actually ran out of it because you waited in line for forever...so, I'll keep it brief today!

Been playing around with the camera and doing some close up shots - it's amazing what you see.

Blush on her cheeks...

(it's coloured pencil - just a light touch)

Individual colours of glitter...

(See the purple, pink and clear? Amazing)

The fibre in the cardstock...

(This is what the back of Bazzill looks like close up - I omit the texture of the Bazzill when punching sometimes, particularly for little pieces. Smooth is good for them)

Little stray pieces of card...

(there's a orange bit to the left of the beak there)

Gorgeous shimmer on both the cream card and the grass...

(Didn't have the foresight to spray the card before I put the grass on. Didn't know I was going to shimmer it before I put the grass on. Go with the flow, right?)

Individual pieces of pink glitter on a pink nose...

(Why do I find this so enchanting? Who would've thought craft could be enchanting? Are you with me on that or am I speaking into the abyss of cyberspace where the resounding echo of this question continues on forever?)

Sorry, supposed to be brief...

More glitter than you can poke a stick at...

(What does that mean anyway and is it wrong?)

Even more glitter that you can poke a stick at...

(Once again, right or wrong?)

Texture, lots of texture...

(and whether I've been specific about keeping it all aligned. Do you line up your Bazzill and punch it so the texture is straight? I do, mostly. The pattern on the box is diagonal because that's the way it works when it's folded. Who knew? See what you see when you get up close?)

A stray dot of glue...


Me in the reflection...

(That's me, the black spot. At least I think it is)

Just wanted to say too, since we're talking about taking a close up look at things, that Easter is the season where Christians remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yes, He died. Yes, He rose again. And if you strip away all the details and get to the crux of what that means - it means love. And He did it for you.

He not only died, He took on all the sin of the world (all of it! Past, present and future) on Himself. It's sin, someone has to pay for it. Take responsibility for it. The way sin has to be paid for is through death, and Jesus paid that price for all of us, and died for us, so we wouldn't have to. That's what He did, that's what it's all about. The price was paid so that a way could be made for us to be with God in heaven. The only way to the Lord is through His Son, Jesus, and accepting Him as your Saviour - the One who saved you from your sin.

Does that make sense? It's kinda like having someone pay your mortgage for you! Just paying it, making you free and clear and debt-free. If someone did that for you, wouldn't you be amazed? I mean, debt, then all of sudden, no debt! Gone! The burden taken - what a gift to get. Was it earned? No, it was just given out of love.

Take a close look, Jesus did what He did for you (and me, all of us) and it's all about love and grace. It's amazing.

He loves you, hey, He really does.

If you would like to love Him back and say thanks and become a Christian you can say this prayer:

"Dear Jesus, Thank you for loving me and for dying on the cross for me. I repent of my sin and am so grateful that you paid the price for me so I wouldn't have to. Come into my heart because I want to love you all the days of my life. Amen."

If you said that prayer now and believed it in your heart, you're a Christian! Welcome to the family! Send me an email if you'd like to. I'd love to hear from you.

Well, that's all for now. Have a wonderful and blessed Easter. Stay safe, be good and don't eat too much chocolate!

Debra :o)

PS. Sorry, the word brief obviously isn't in my vocabulary!


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