31 March 2010

Easter bits and bobs

Hi, I'm back with some Easter projects today.

Now, you've seen these boxes before. I make them a lot because they're good. They're easy to make, they fit a decent amount of treats and they're forgiving when you make them. A good formula, I reckon.

Click here and Erin will show you how to make them. I got the stack idea from her. She was giving brownies, I gave chocolate Easter eggs the same size as regular eggs.

Ye good olde curling ribbon always comes in handy!

And of course, punches, they're always handy.

Here's a little treat box, come basket, come bag thingy.

It houses about two or three of those small eggs. I just made it up as I went along. Not the easiest thing I've put together, that's for sure. Just being honest :o). Not that it was hard necessarily, it was just fanangaly. Try finding that word in the dictionary!

You know what fanangaly is, right? It means that you made it and you probably wouldn't make it again because it didn't come together easily enough to warrant another go. I bet you're thinking of a fanangaly project of your own. Yep, that one you did once and probably won't do again :o)

This little basket wasn't fananagaly...it was fine.

It's essentially the base of a box and instead of cutting to make the normal tabs, I cut down the middle of the tab square and just joined those bits together.

Clear as mud?

Sorry! Hard to explain!

Does this pic help?

Instead of cutting in to make a square tab (that you would normally attach sticky tape to and then stick to the long side to make the side of the box), you cut from the corner of the card to the point where all the score lines meet and that'll give you two triangular tabs. Glue those two together and that gives you the slant.

Trust me, it's not hard in real life, it's just hard to explain in words. And I didn't take a photo of it in bits or anything. Rats.

So, the last two little projects might've put you off making anything (sorry about that!), but this one's easy, easy, easy.

I did these at Christmas too. They're just any shape folded over a treat bag and decorated at will.

I decorated the decorations out of mine and went for glitter, embossing, eggs and butterflies.

Actually, I sprayed Vanilla Smooch over the embossed eggs too, so, make that glitter, embossing, eggs, Smooch and butterflies.

Don't think I could've fit anything else on there!

Here's a non-fat version for you - use real eggs.

(These are organic, free-range, top-notch, premium eggs, ie. they're from our chooks. Thanks, girls)

Another idea I heard about recently would work too - buy refillable eggs and put notes in them. For example, little jokes, riddles or "things I appreciate about you", stuff like that.

To finish today we're going to focus on the fake parsley in the box.

It's the Martha Stewart loopy border punch punched in two greens then rolled up and glued.

Okay, have a fab day!


  1. LOL Debra I definitely have a fananagaly project or two I have tried and not bothered with again!

    LOVE these boxes, LOVE the chocolate, LOVE that tip about the Martha Stewart loop punch and how good it looks rolled up!

    Hope you guys have a fab Easter and thanks for sharing your great projects here.

    I LOVE your words of wisdom and your funny witty remarks!

    It's always great to see what you have been creating!

  2. Hey Liz,

    I LOVE your comments! You're always so sweet and wonderful, thanks so much.

    Glad you're enjoying the blog - that's nice to hear too.

    You've been busy making a lot of projects too, I imagine. Bet you're going great guns! Saw a couple of things on DUD the other day actually. Nice work!

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter, Liz!


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