17 March 2010

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - pages 12 and 13

Hey, howdy and hello to you,

Time for a Look in the Book today. A look at two pages - pages 12 and 13.

Got your book open?

We're still in the flower section of the book, so get ready for lots of flowers.

Ah, the sunflower... see the card on page 12? The pot's different, but the rest is the same.

The sunflower's made using the punch called Sun-A (Carl brand). Above I've put two together, with the right sides facing up, and the top one twisted to show the petals of the one underneath.

Now, Carl punches are hard to find in Australia, but Sullivans has a great range to choose from (and they're lever, fabbo). Click here to see a couple of suns in their range and then click on the "next" button at the bottom of the page to see the rest in that 25mm punch size.

Click here to see the entire Sullivans range if you'd like.

By the way, by right side I mean the side of the punch piece where the edges are curved up slightly.

To see what I mean, try this. Punch out a shape (one like a daisy is good) and put it flat on your desk. Now, turn it over a few times, putting down flat each time. You'll notice on one side the edges curve up, and on the other side, the edges curve down. Yes?

When they curve up - that's the right side, okay?

Remember this is the same for every punch piece - there is always a right and a wrong side.

That being said, there's no Punch Art police, so you're not going to get booked for using the wrong side of the punch piece, okay? What you do is completely up to you!

This one's on page 12 too, but I used used one flower here instead of two like as in the book.

And note the pot?

Pots, pots, pots. When I first started punch art, there were no pot punches, so I had to make my own by cutting circles in half, cutting them freehand and all sort of things like that. I'm loving the pot punches around now - so much easier.

The one above is actually quite a large pot punch, which I cut down in height to make it fit my flower. In the book I used a Cartoon Bubble for the pot.

See? Lots of pot options!

Oh, and another one. This is a pot punch again, but from a brand that doesn't exist anymore as far as I know. Emaginations...all their punches were burgundy. Remember them? Heard of them?

And that ladybug is a circle cut in half.

Circles are still the best punches - the most versatile, the most fab and the shape you need in every. single. size.

Like, every. single. size.

I cannot emphasise that enough.

There's three sizes of circles here and they've been used 12 times!

The head of the bee is a 3/16" Circle. I've used that one so much I've broken at least four of them over the years. And you know how much use they need before they break. Like, a LOT.

Circles - get 'em. Nuff said.

Above is a page in the little "Why I Like Punch Art" book I made a while ago. I posted the whole book a while ago too - you can see it under 22 July/24 July 2009 (Click on July's posts in the sidebar).

The card on page 13 is the original version of the idea. There's obviously a lot on the card, but it's fun to do more complicated things sometimes, hey?

And how many circles were used? My count is 42. Yours? (Remember I'm looking in the book here, not the card above)

This Kikyou is another lovely punch. I like lovely punches.

It's a Carl brand, but Sullivans has one the same called Petal, which you can see here (second from the bottom). It comes in lots of sizes - great for layering.

Here's some layering. We like punches in different sizes for exact applications such as these. Yes, yes, we do.

So, there's lots of flowers in the book, isn't there? They're always popular, so I designated six pages for them. Plus, I liked 'em and thought you might too!

Which are your favourites?

Okay, bye for now and see you tomorrow!


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