08 March 2010

Hey, baby!

Hi blogging friends,

How was your weekend?

Did you make it to the PC sale day yesterday? Hope you got some good bargains!

Today I have the last of the punch arty baby cards...

This one's from Punch Art Fun for everyone 2, page 31. I used a different bear, but the concept's the same.

I used an oval template to get the clothesline straight. Well, curved, but straight (and neat) if you get my drift.

And I hand cut the clothes props - I used a knife, but you could use scissors too. Drawing it on the card first will help.

What a simple one.

It's very similar to a couple on page 32 of Book 2.

I just exchanged a rabbit for a sheep. You could change the colours depending on whether the card is for a boy or a girl, or leave it as is if you don't know.

Ah, so CUTE!

And as cute as it is, it's cuter in real life. Unfortunately there wasn't enough light when I was taking these photos. Disappointing, but I couldn't re-do them.

See the dummy and the bottle? They're Sullivan punches - new ones, ones I've not had in my stash before. They're perfect little accents on baby cards.

You know, you may not make baby cards often, but when you do, a dummy and a bottle are perfect punches to have.

And look! They can be used on the faux stamp too.

I love this. Love, love, love it.

The postmark is from the Melissa Frances Post-it (scroll down) set I mentioned last week.

Hello? Special delivery stamp? Perfecto for baby cards!

More bottles, dummies, postmarks and faux stamps.

I'm smiling, hope you are too!

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