01 February 2010

Hey there...

...and hello to you!

Hope you're doing well and getting some crafting done over the summer.

Maybe? Maybe not!

I'm on blog-o-cation still, but I wanted to check in and show you these quick postcard ideas.

They're using an actual photo on the front and then some notepaper on the back. With a fake stamp, just for show.

Do you reckon if you did this for real they'd go through the mail? Only one way to find out, I guess!

Yep, that's a postcard for Cody.

I'd do that. I'd send one to my dog. Would you?

I like the coloured notepaper on this one.

All the notepapers are scrapbooking paper. They're just scraps I had in my scrap stash. Good way to use them up!

So, what do you think?

It's an interesting idea - lots of uses, I think.

Ways to use this idea:

Remember the concept is: Use a real photo and write on the back. I added a piece of thin chipboard (cereal box weight) in between the photo and the notepaper to make it more sturdy.

1. Choose a nice photo of anything and send it through the mail to someone. Happy mail day for sure.

2. Use it on a scrapbook page. Choose a fav photo, write some journalling on the back and put it in a pocket on your page.

3. Choose 10 of your favourite shots from your latest holiday and make a mini album from them.

Photos on the front, journalling about the photos on the back.

Cool - fits the holiday/postcard thing well...

4. What about substituting the photo for a flat card front? Wonder if that'd go through the mail?

Remember postcards can arrive a bit tattered from the mail process, so the same would happen with a card. The purpose of a postcard is to send a greeting - the purpose of the "card front postcard" would be the greeting it brings, not so much the card itself.

I put the animal card in above because it's a fairly flat design, just strips of paper. I'd omit the ribbon and the tag.

5. Use a fun shot of the kids, family (lots of possibilities here) and send it to someone.

Grandma would love a shot of the grandkids, I'm sure, particularly if they've written the postcard themselves.

What about a first day of school photo? The out-of-town rellies (and the in-town ones) would love that!

(Yes, that's my brother and I. We're nongs. And they're my gorgeous nephews. They're not)

6. What about using the same fun shot of the kids (or yourself) and sending it to Dad (or husband) at work?

A bit of happy mail for him at work...and his co-workers would be jealous, ha ha.

7. Instead of sending out Christmas cards, you could send out Christmas postcards. Why not?

(Remember the photo will arrive a bit tattered - you could just rough it up to begin with and go with it!)

8. I'd do something like find a fun photo of my nephew and send it to him with a message from us on the back. What kid doesn't like fun stuff like that?

Nine, can I think of two more?

9. Choose a photo of you and your Valentine and send it to him at work. Another one to make the co-workers jealous.

One more, one more!

10. This one is a combination of the card front and the Christmas postcard.

Okay, make your Christmas card once. You can go to town with the idea here. Photograph it. Print out your 50 copies and send 'em!

Whaddya reckon? Kind of digital, kind of not. Easy, though. The hardest part would be the photographing.

This idea would be particularly good if you didn't have a lot of supplies on hand, or you didn't want to buy a lot, or the lot you'd want to buy would be too expensive!

You could buy a few sheets of fun paper like the Santa ones above, make a card you like and there you go. No having to buy multiple sheets and accessories with the fear of running out of product...or money.

Oh yes, like that idea.

** Of course, if you're unsure about the state your postcards might arrive in, you could just use a regular envelope for them, of course you could.

(I'm going to try sending one without an envelope, just to see how it works)

Well, there you go, plenty of ideas for the photo postcard idea (sorry, got no real name for it right now!) and hope they're useful to you.

Just file it away, file it away. One day you'll have a need to send some different, or do something different, and the idea will pop back into your head right when you need it. Let's hope so!

Okay, off to continue my blog-o-, computer-o and techno-o-cation!

PS. The 'Hi' word on the first card is from this Cuttlebug Friends Forever Combo set. The fish is a Carl CP1: Candy with one end trimmed and the scallop square is Marvy.

PPS. I've already got that photo of Cody out to send to Andrew at work. I'm intrigued if this photo postcard idea will translate and go through the mail...

PPPS. Came up with the tenth idea while flipping through photos. Had some photos of cards I've made in there and thought you could do it with a Christmas card and save yourself a lot of work.

PPPPS. You could get creative with the way you take the photo of the card you make too. I'd probably hold it out to the camera with my arm completely extended and get the card in focus, but Andrew and I blurry in the background. We could both hold the card because it'd be from both of us. Hmmm...hopefully I'll remember the idea around Christmas time!


  1. You can always practice on me. Love a post/photocard. Mumx

  2. Matchy Sister SuziFebruary 3, 2010 at 3:25 PM

    Yes people my brother and sister are nongs! And I am too! Where was I when this photo was taken? Love it! The postcard idea is a great one Deb ... gonna give that a go x


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