09 February 2010


Hello and hey there to you!

Getting back into the swing of things after being away from the technology for a bit.

Was at the craft show on the weekend. Did you go for a look-see?

Thanks to all those people who came to say hi. It's always nice to have a chat to some friendly faces during the day.

Oh, and here's a friendly face for you.

He doesn't look like that now because he's grown so much. So much so that after taking him to the beach yesterday we realise just how much energy he has now. Hey, we walk him and whatnot, but he ran after those birds yesterday like nobody's business and he did it for yonks. We loved it when he put his head down and took off at full pelt. So funny.

He's part Australian Kelpie and they're working dogs used for rounding up sheep. He doesn't round up sheep (none around here), but he was trying to round up those birds. They taunted him though, and flew above him just out of reach.

Now, remember the post from last Monday when I showed you some photo postcards and I said I had the photo of Cody on my desk ready to send to Andrew?

Just wanted to report that the photo postcard does, in fact, translate through the mail and translate well it does too. Andrew said there was very minimal damage on the whole thing and only noticed one tiny turned corner because I asked how it looked.

He also enjoyed getting the happy mail at work (he didn't call it that) and I think I scored a few points there. He's got the postcard blu-tac-ed to his computer. Cute.

I also sent a photo postcard to Jack (cutie on the left). Didn't send the photo above because I didn't have a copy of that one, I sent another with him holding some sticky tape that I gave him for Christmas one year.

He's the king of sticky tape in his house (ie. he's the boss of it, the keeper of it and holds all power in the sticky tape stakes) and we all gave him bunches one year to keep him happy and to save his parents from buying it!

Anyway, he was on on the postcard, which was the whole point. What kid wouldn't want to see himself on a postcard?

This is my brother and I.

I didn't send him a postcard using this photo because the postman would've fallen off his bike!

A great day to you!


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