05 January 2010

Not really beachy weather...

...around here.

Still rain on and off and a lot of clouds. Very unusual for us at the moment. Seems like we haven't seen this much rain in years.

No sun outside, so make sunny cards instead. I've got a few to post over the next few days.

I've posted the top one before, but it's in keeping with the others, so I thought I'd post again. Plus it's a nice simple one.

The second is using one of Sizzix's embossing folders. It's this one - the Argyle/Lines and Circles set. Their two for one sets are good value, I think.

The scallop is the Marvy Giga scallop (purple). They're some of my favourite punches those. Wasn't really into scallop squares in the beginning, but now I think they're great. I'm a bit like that - sometimes things have to grow on me.

The crab is a Carl CP2: Crab and the fish are either the CP1 or CP2: Candy with one end trimmed off.

I don't know about you, but I'm finding the cards a bit bright? (And yellow too) Might need to pull out the sunnies to tone them down a bit.

What about you? Have you done any crafting for yourself lately?

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