04 January 2010

More dog pics...

Thought you may like to see these?

Are you a dog person?

I'm not!

I know, what's with that?

Hey, mate. You're hilarious.

And cute!



  1. OMG Cody is adorable (for a dog) lol I am NOT a dog person but Cody would definitely sway me. Give me cats anyday!

    Thanks for the adorable pics Debra. Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and a Great New Year so far!

  2. Hi Liz,

    Oh, thanks! Of course we think he's the best dog ever. And seriously, I'm not a dog person at all. Love this one though, A LOT.
    Hope you're doing well!


  3. Hi Debra, all good here thanks! Hope you guys are having a lovely break?

    LOL Cody is one adorable dog, you picked a good breed!

    I might have to pop in on one of your classes one day!!! I am not teaching classes anymore.

    Have a good week!

  4. Hi Liz,
    No real breaks in this house at the moment, just public holidays. I'm hoping to have a little time to do some scrapbooking soon. I'd love for you to come to a class - we could meet face to face...wow. Hmm about not teaching classes - hope all okay.

  5. OH that would be great to meet up finally Debra!!!! All ok with the teachng - the shop I teach at has been sold :-(.... but all good, I wasn't all that good at the teaching part hehe! I will look at your classes and hope to see you in the next month or 2!

  6. Hey again Liz,
    Good to hear all okay with the teaching. Would love to see you in class soon. That'd be fun.


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