20 October 2009

The Stepping Stones of Creativity...

Yesterday I mentioned the stones. The stepping stones of creativity. I made that up, but I didn't make up the truth of it.

Case and point...

Months ago I made this brown butterfly card. Is it a moth? No, it's a butterfly. It could be a moth, but it's not.

It's a butterfly, and unfortunately, it happens to be brown, because that's the colour I chose that day.

Wouldn't chose that colour the other 364 days of the year, but on that day, I did.

It's brown.

But look what happened a few days later...

I made the card under it and the butterfly is pink. Oh, nice. Definitely not a moth!

And thus, I started walking the stepping stones of butterflies. Well, the stepping stones of creativity, but in this case it's butterflies we're yakking about. Or I'm yakking about.

Okay, here's where you start scrolling!

And look where the stones led me! Everywhere, man. Bright, matchy, not matchy - all over the place. A brown moth led me to something I like a lot more...a red butterfly, and butterflies aren't even red.

(The music paper butterfly was a bit of a left field ring-in to the process, but it was worthy of being included, so I included it)

So, there you go. Step on those stones!

Only if you want to, that is.

Only if you dare.

Been on that walk to find other interesting envelope paper options yet?

I've got another one for you...

Music paper.

I rest my case.

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