05 October 2009

Hello, October Afternoon!

And how fitting because it's October, and it's the afternoon.

Remember I showed you the new stuff coming out soon? They didn't have images available for the elements sheets back then, but they do now!

How gorgeous!

Actually, they're calling them shape stickers. I've got the ones from the Cherry Hill line and they aren't adhesive-backed. These must be, which will be an added bonus. Peel and stick. Nice.

Check out the rest of the Farm Fresh line here. And the rest of the Report Card line here. There's letter stickers, journalling block stickers, rubber charms....have a look.

You know, it's not like I'm devoid of fun paper products to use. I have plenty of cool papers here at home and even thought to myself the other day that maybe I shouldn't get the new OA line...I mean, really, how much paper do I need?

Then I saw this stuff again.

Then I flicked the "not getting it" idea.

Really flicked it.



  1. Hi Debra,

    Where do you purchase October Afternoon products from? These are great looking collections especially the report card range. This would be great for school photos.

  2. Hi Jammie,
    Either overseas www.twopeasinabucket.com or here at www.bluebazaar.com.au. He always gets OA in, but it goes out pretty quickly too. He sends an email newsletter every Thursday - hop on the list.
    PC has OA now, so I'll get it from there now too. Sometimes I buy the range first and then pick up some more later if I need it. Or want it.
    OA hasn't released these lines yet, not even overseas. Or they didn't when I checked a couple of days ago.
    Also, the new punches are called Sullivans Lever Punches, but no visuals to be seen yet.
    Hope that helps!


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