02 October 2009

And finally - the punch drawers...

Hello everyone.

Well, here are my punch drawers. Or punch storage options.

Let's take a look, shall we?

This first set of drawers is near the door. I bought these in a homewares type shop years ago. I love that the drawers are the same size and that the bigger punches fit in them. Works well.

The drawers are yet to be labelled with the new tenants...

This is my favourite set of drawers. Bought them many years ago (probably 10) from a specialist gift shop for about $220. I've never seen a set of drawers like them since, even in the same shop.

Gosh, they've been fab. The Carl punches fit perfectly in them - so great. All the drawers are labelled - Flowers, Animals etc. Sometimes the punches get jumbled up and find their way into the wrong drawers, but it works well.

Those punches on top of the drawers always stay there. Circles and squares. I don't put them away as they just come back out again.

This is the set opposite to the one above. Top drawer is stationery, while the others are for punches. Big circles, squares, rectangles and ovals are kept here. Geometrics always need to be within easy reach. Particularly the circles.

Previous to the "move 'em on out" I did recently, most of these punches were housed on my desk somewhere. It's good to have them away. I'm liking it.

Here's the end of the pigeon holes that my previous pigeon hole photo missed. Yep, those big ones need some big space of their own!

And here are the drawers in the scrapbook trolley. Top drawer holds lots of different types of punches - one off ones, EK Success ones etc. This is the bits and bobs punch drawer.

And the bottom drawer holds my EK Success Punchkins punches. Heard of them? They came out probably about 7 years ago, but are discontinued now. There's a body punch and lots of others to dress the body. Hair, clothes, shoes - things like that. And some accessories like sunglasses and hair bows. Plus a campfire, tree, sun, tent etc. I don't get to use them much, but they're a lot of fun when I do.

So, they're my punch drawers.

I do keep some punches in the cupboard just outside my room. And I've been told I'm not allowed to encroach any further into the house...

Kinda reminds me of sharing my room with my sister. We didn't go so far as to actually draw a line down the middle of the room, but we wanted to!



  1. If you're not allowed to encroach further into the house maybe steak out a few areas that your hubby does not go. In my house it would be the kitchen & laundry as he doesn't know these places exist. If I was stuck for room I'd store my stuff in there because he'd never know. You might have to do a little recon work, wear cammies & install some tiny camers but I'm sure you could find some more places for punches.

  2. Hi Jammie, You make me laugh! That's funny. Yes, check out those places he doesn't go much. He does unstack the dishwasher, so he goes all over the kitchen. That's out. New dresser we did up. That's an option. And I've just realised the cupboard under the laundry sink has nothing much in it - that's the best option because he never goes there. Never. He goes in the laundry, but never the cupboard. Funny, thanks for the chuckle!

  3. Geez Louise Debra got a few punches I see lol - not surprising since you are the Queen of Punch Art - nice to see your scrapping area, very professional and spacious and wonderful!

    LOL Jammie I could add a few more rooms and areas to that list - good one!


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