30 September 2009

World Card Making Day

Hey, did you know it's World Card Making Day this Saturday?
Any plans?
I'm at Photo Continental for the morning doing a make-and-take. Maybe you could pop up and say hello. :o)
Try to carve out some time for yourself on the day because it's the only day of the year that you can say, "But I have to do this now, it's World Card Making Day!"
Click here to read more about the day if you like. It was started to get a jump start on making Christmas cards. A jump start? I know some of you are probably already finished!
Enjoy the day, whatever you do.


  1. Woohoo a whole day dedicated to card making - can't wait.. I am running some challenges online but if I get a chance will pop into Photocontinental to check out your projects Debra! Have a FAB day!

  2. Hi Liz,
    Yes, a whole day dedicated to card making! Even better if the whole day turned out to be an uninterrupted day of card making. What do you think? That'd be the best. Might see you on Saturday, that'd be great. Your challenges sound fun too! :o)


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