30 September 2009

Pigeon holes


Last week I showed you the pigeon holes in my room, and mentioned I'd talk to you about them later.

Now is later, so let's talk.

If you want to, that is.

(Good thing about the web. Delete button)

So, these are my pigeon holes. They've been used for many different things in my room over the years, but currently this is what they're storing.

Starting at top left and going down in columns.

Cuttlebug stuff.
Bags for punch pieces for classes.
Bags again.

Next row - Cuttlebug stuff, Sizzix dies, Nestabilities. I put the Cuttlebug on top of the pigeon holes to use it.
Punch mates.
Tools - Crop-o-dile, Corner Chomper, hammer etc.

Bits and pieces - brads, eyelets, trimmer, foam, circle template, stamp scrubber.

Ribbon spools.
Bits of ribbon.
Paper templates I've made.

There's another row missing, you can just see a bit of it at the bottom. There's punches in that row - ie. the big ones that don't fit in any drawers in my room.

And that's my pigeon holes and what's in them.

Working well for the moment. Phew.

Stay tuned for the punch drawers!

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