17 September 2009

Glittery is good...

Well, here we have another paper box. Surprise, surprise.

This paper is from Basic Grey - Wisteria too.

You know, sometimes buying a complete paper collection in a kit can be a good idea. You get all the papers in the set, and you can use them together, or separately, for completely different looks.

In particular I found this line interesting to work with because I could choose different colour combinations.

Gold and purple.

Green and purple.

Blue and green.

Gold by itself.

Gold with any of the above.

You get my drift.

And if you get the chipboard accents in the collection, you've got things to put on the boxes, and on your cards. I love chipboard shapes for that reason. And that they already have some chunk that gives the card a bit of weight.

Art weight that is, not kilo weight. :o)

Okay. Here are the chipboard shapes from the Wisteria collection. You can see the dragonfly I used above. I added the Opal Dust - those big flecks of glitter look good.

I've used most of the Wisteria chipboard shapes, and I didn't know I was going to use them that way until I saw myself do it!

Stay tuned to see what transpired...

Edited to add: Found the chipboard shapes on my desk and found I didn't use most of them at all. What a fibber. I used a few of them. Some of them. The circular ones. And they were good.

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