04 September 2009

Father's Day

Well, hello again!

Father's Day this weekend and that's two days of celebrations for us this year.

Andrew had the brilliant idea of taking my dad (and mum) to Coochie Mudlo for the day on Saturday with special transportation in our boat. Great idea, and I know just the embossing plate I'm going to use on the invitation! Andrew just laughed, but I got excited and went to my room and made this.

Remember the Fiskars texture plates? Because the design is vertical, I had to make my invitation as wide as the design. It ended up being quite small, but it worked.

On that note: have you noticed that they make all the embossing folders with vertical designs? We make cards both vertically and horizontally, but I just noticed that all the specific designs are vertical ones. I mean you can switch your Swiss Dots, and a few of the others around, but a lot you can't. Interesting.

Here's the invite. Gosh, wavy. Hopefully we won't hit waves like that on the way over!

Note the use of the ledger paper for the clouds? Love it. Dad questioned it, and the words, but I simply explained that it all added to the art of it. :o)

So we're going on Saturday, do you think we're going to be rained out? What's our plan B? We've got one, we've always got one. We thought a civilised coffee and cake at the shopping centre might be in order. And an IOU boat trip.

And this is the card I made for him. Made this literally months ago. Gotta strike while the iron's hot, the inspiration is there, and the paper is within reach and not annoying me because I can't find it. Or can't find it quickly enough.

Don't worry, the quickly enough problem is solved, so I won't mention it again.

It's actually a tri-fold card. I didn't intentionally sit down to make a tri-fold, I think it was just on my desk. Like I said, made it months ago and can't remember!

I used Cosmo Cricket's Snorkel line. I love the guy diving on the front. Of course the Snorkel paper suits the outdoorsy, watery theme we're going for for the day tomorrow. Hopefully it's not water from the sky...

And for day two of the Father's Day celebrations, we're having a lunch together with Andrew's family. This is the card I made for my father-in-law. Rustee is his dog, so a dog card kinda makes sense.

More lined paper. Can I get enough of it? Let's all shout, "No!" Will I use it again? Let's all shout, "Yes!"

Have you got yourself some lined paper? My favourite is the scrapbooking paper (in lots of brands), but you can use notebook paper, it's just thinner.

The dog paper and the dot paper are one piece. Dogs on one side, dots on the other. I made three cards using that one piece of paper. It's from Basic Grey, but I don't know what it's called. Hang on, checking...it's called June Bug - Aggie. The line is June Bug. The actual paper is Aggie. Three cards, one piece of paper. Not bad. And two of the cards are A5 fronts. Even better.

I used a scallop edge punch to do the brown edge. You can use any scallop punch. Mine is Stampin Up!, but there's a Fiskars one that's just scallops too. Or you can use deco scissors, which I did too. I'll do a quick post and show you the other two cards I made as well.

Okay, hope your weekend is great, whatever you're doing, and whatever the weather!


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